Adaptation & Mitigation for Working Forestlands: Challenges and Solutions in the Face of Climate Change

Thanks for joining us December 2nd and 3rd at
Oregon State University's LaSells Stewart Center!

The Northwestern US provides a high level of current and potential sequestration of greenhouse gases- and forests may be a solution to mitigating emissions and sequestering carbon. This 1½ day workshop will detail the environmental and economic costs and benefits of management alternatives for forestland managers. In addition, it will address pathways and barriers to their adoption.  The workshop will focus on the following building blocks for reduction of greenhouse gases:

1) Private forest growth and retention
2) Stewardship of federal forests
3) Promotion of wood products

The target audience will include USDA agency personnel, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Cooperative Extension, and private forest landowners and managers.

 Agenda || Participant List || Presenter Biographies

Plenary Sessions

Welcome Address
Bea Van Horne, NW Climate Hub

Overview of Mitigation Strategy
Joel Larson, USDA Climate Change Program Office

Carbon Principles for the US Forest Service
Cynthia West, USDA Forest Service

Current Resources for Estimate Carbon
Richard Birdsey, USDA Forest Service

Climate Expectations for the Pacific Northwest
Phil Mote, Oregon Climate Change Research Institute

Carbon Policy and the Opportunity for Better Uses of Wood
Bruce Lippke, University of Washington (Emeritus) &

Douglas-fir Seed Movement Study
Brad St. Clair, USDA Forest Service

John Kim, USDA Forest Service

Breakout Sessions


Developing Climate Change Vulnerability
Assessments and Adaptation Strategies for Federal Lands

Jessica Halofsky, University of Washington

Post-disturbance Reforestation with Adaptation and Carbon Sequestration in Mind
Robyn Darbyshire, USDA Forest Service

Using FVS to Model Climate Change and Determine Carbon Availability
Erin Smith-Mateja, USDA Forest Service

The Role of Forest Soils in Carbon Stewardship
Jason Martin, Natural Resource Conservation Service

Adaptation and Restoration to Promote Carbon Stability Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Matthew Hurteau, University of New Mexico


Carbon and Private Forestlands
Brian Kittler, Pinchot Institute

Forest Planner Online Tool (no presentation)
David Diaz, Ecotrust

Climate Change Educational Products
Janean Creighton, Oregon State University

Carbon Credits for Private Forestland Owners
David Ford, L&C Carbon

NRCS Carbon Forestland Mitigation Strategies
Misty Seaboldt, Natural Resource Conservation Service